Producer’s Random Thoughts

Music: What does it mean to the average listener? What does it mean to an music artist? What does it mean to a music producer? The times have ULTIMATELY evolved but has the evolution impacted the music in a good way? These are the questions we as producers face very often. Especially when you try to stay competitive and relevant in a positive and consistent way.
Consistent revenue: This year a win (BIG) has come to artists of all genres from the Copyright Royalty Board as they boost songwriters’ streaming sales/pay almost 50%. This shall take place for the next 5 years. So we wonder, how does this help the indie artist? Hmm…Will they be put on an exception list? Will they be able to get back pay? How many trend-wave-riders (swagger jackers) will come out the woodwork and want a piece of that pie?
Streaming music increase payout – credit cbsnews.com

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